K’taka HC orders compensation of Rs 17.66 lakh to man who lost genitals in road accident


The Karnataka High Court has ordered granting of Rs 17.66 lakh compensation to a man who lost his genitals in a road accident that rendered him permanently incapable of leading a normal married life.

Petitioner Basavaraju had met with an accident 11 years ago in Ranibennur town of Haveri district and suffered permanent damage to his genitals. Considering his plea for compensation, a division bench headed by Justices S.G. Pandit and A.R. passed the judgement.

The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal had earlier fixed only Rs 50,000 compensation for the mishap and ordered the insurance company to pay Rs 3.73 lakh total compensation money inclusive of other claims to the victim.

Considering the loss to the petitioner, the High Court increased the amount to Rs 10 lakh and in total has ordered the insurance company to pay Rs 17.68 lakh as compensation to him.

Though the petitioner had asked for Rs 11.75 lakh total compensation, the bench had fixed more amount of compensation sympathising with his state.

Basavaraju was hit by a truck from behind when he was walking on the road in 2011. Considering all aspects of the case carefully, the bench opined that, the petitioner has lost possibility of getting married due to the impact of accident and will not have the comfort of marital life. His loss can never be compensated in terms of money.

The bench further observed that, likewise his pain and suffering due to the loss in future life can’t be compensated. The petitioner has to lead his life as a single. Even if he gets married, he can’t have biological children. Considering all these points, the compensation amount has been increased, the court underlined in its recent order.



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