K’taka HC orders that ‘unseen hands’ behind hijab row be brought to book


The Karnataka High Court Special Bench which has dismissed the petitions of college students seeking permission to wear the hijab in classrooms, has directed that the government complete its investigation into the ‘unseen hands’ that are behind the raking up of the hijab issue.

The 129-page verdict of the bench comprising of Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, Justice Krishna S Dixit and Justice Jaibunnisa Mohiyuddin Khaji underlined that, “We are dismayed as to how all of a sudden that too in the middle of the academic term the issue of hijab is generated and blown out of proportion by the powers that be.”

The way the hijab imbroglio unfolded gives scope for the argument that some ‘unseen hands’ are at work to engineer social unrest and disharmony, the order stated.

“Much is not necessary to specify. We are not commenting on the ongoing police investigation lest it should be affected. We have perused and returned copies of the police papers that were furnished to us in a sealed cover. We expect a speedy and effective investigation into the matter and culprits being brought to book, brooking no delay,” the order said.

“From the submissions made on behalf of the respondent, Pre – University College at Udupi and the material placed on record, we notice that all was well with the dress code since 2004,” it said.

“We are also impressed that even Muslims participate in the festivals that are celebrated in the ‘ashta mutt sampradya’, (Udupi being the place where eight mutts are situated),” the bench observed.

The special bench, earlier in the day, dismissed all the petitions seeking permission to wear the hijab in classrooms and upheld the government order on a uniform in schools and colleges.



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