K’taka health officer ‘flirts’ with female colleagues, video, photos go viral


Photos and video of a health officer in Karnataka have gone viral in which he is seen “flirting” with women colleagues.

Shocked after seeing the video, the people are demanding stern action against the officer for turning the health centre into a party hall.

Ratnakar, the Nodal officer for Ayushman and Health Officer of Leprosy Department, is accused of behaving “indecently” with female colleagues and recording his misdeeds on cell phone.

Photos and video show the officer making the female colleague sit on his thighs, while photo shows him placing both legs on a different colleague.

Other photos show him in different poses.

The sources explained that whoever did not cooperate with him was targeted. Ratnakar also used to take female colleagues on trips.

The state health department has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the officer.


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