K’taka Minister chides Cong, says saffron shawls made in ‘Shri Ram factory’

Responding to Congress allegation that BJP is distributing saffron shawls to students to protest against wearing of hijab by Muslim girls in Karnataka, state Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Minister K.S. Eshwarappa on Thursday said, saffron shawls are being ordered from ‘Shri Ram’ factory in Surat and brought to Karnataka in ‘Hanuman’ transport service.

State Congress President D.K. Shivakumar had alleged that the minister’s son had given order for 50 lakh saffron shawls to be distributed for protests by students against wearing of hijab.

“Have parents of the children sponsored the saffron shawls, Turbans? We know what is happening, from where did the students get saffron shawls overnight? Why are you (BJP) using children? We have to create doctors, engineers, don’t use them for politics,” Shivakumar said attacking the BJP over the hijab issue.

Eshwarappa, replying to the allegation, said that Shivakumar does not know from where they (shawls and turbans) have come. “Saffron is a symbol of sacrifice and giving. Saffron has reached the hearts of crores of young people. Saffron shawls are aimed at preserving the religion and culture of this country.”

“Shivakumar has boulders factory. From that factory, they transport boulders illegally to various states,” he claimed.

The Minister further said that only six students among 96 are adamant on wearing hijab. Rest 90 are attending classes, this is a conspiracy. Congress and Muslim leaders have spoken and convinced these six students on not attending classes without hijab, Eshwarappa claimed.

He alleged that Shivakumar has played with the sentiments of people.

Eshwarappa on Wednesday had said that a day will come when saffron flag may become the national flag of the country.




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