Monday, June 17, 2024

K’taka: Pack of dogs attack, kill leopard cub

A pack of dogs attacked and killed an eight-month-old leopard cub in Karnataka’s Tumakuru district.

The leopard cub was discovered in Mavukere village and was earlier spotted in the Kora hobli region, causing concern among villagers.

Locals had informed the forest department authorities multiple times about the presence of the leopard cub.

However, they alleged that the authorities did not respond.

The villagers of Mavukere noticed the cub being attacked by dogs on Friday evening.

Despite managing to escape from the pack of dogs, it succumbed to injuries, and its body was found nearby.

Postmortem results confirmed that the leopard cub’s death was due to the attack by the dogs.

Animal activists have blamed the forest department’s negligence for the leopard cub’s death.



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