K’taka sleaze CD: Accused woman opens up, seeks security


Just an hour after former BJP minister Ramesh Jarakiholi lodged a complaint against unknown people on Saturday, accusing them of hatching a conspiracy against him, another video clip of the woman, who claimed to have been featured in the CD, surfaced on social media in which she could be seen urging the Karnataka government to provide protection to her.

This is the first time that the woman has come out in the open after the sleaze CD episode came to light on March 2.

In the 34-second video clip in Kannada, the woman stated that this message is for Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai. The source and origin of the video is yet to be verified.

“I do not know how and what they did with the video. Since the release of this (sleaze CD) video, my modesty has been outraged while my family’s reputation is gone forever. Several people are coming and questioning me and my parents about this. We are looked down upon,” she said.

She further alleged that the CD went public from their side (Jarakiholi) and not from her side. “Ever since the video came in public domain, I tried to commit suicide at least three or four times while my parents tried to end their lives about two times,” she added.

“Nobody is there to protect our family. We don’t have any political support. It was Ramesh Jarakiholi who lured me with a job offer, and now this video has come out from their side. I do not know how this (video) was recorded,” she said.

She added: “I don’t have protection. All that I ask you (Bommai) is to give me protection.” She stressed that she was not aware how the video was recorded.

The video message has come to light on a day the police registered a case of extortion and conspiracy against unknown people following a complaint lodged by Jarkiholi.

Following the video message of the woman, Jarkiholi rushed to Bommai’s residence and reacted that the woman’s allegations against him were proof that he was being framed by his political rivals.

“I am innocent, I know that for sure. This is a fake CD. I will face it. Let her come out in the open and complain,” he said, adding that only a fool can release such a video at the cost of reputation.

“Within an hour after I lodged my complaint, she surfaced in another video. This itself is a clear case of political conspiracy. This is just a part of a big conspiracy against me,” he said.

Responding to the woman’s claims, Bommai said that he had not yet seen the video. “I have learnt about this video only through you (media). I am told that the victim’s family is facing death threats. I have directed the SIT chief to provide them with adequate security. The SIT will investigate the matter from every possible angle,” he said.

After the sleaze CD became public on March 2, the Karnataka government formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by Additional Police Commissioner (West), Soumendu Mukherjee.

The SIT was formed after a CD was released to news channels in which Jarakiholi was allegedly seen in a compromising position with a woman, which went viral, costing him his ministerial berth.