Kulgam drivers encouraged to treat passengers with kindness

A unique initiative was taken in Kashmir Valley to improve relations between drivers and passengers, where drivers were encouraged to treat passengers with kindness.

An event in this regard was organised by the Drivers Association in Kulgam district of South Kashmir, which was attended by Deputy SP G.M. Butt, SHO Arshar Ahmed, drivers and local people.

In the event, drivers who behave well and treat passengers with courtesy were encouraged. At the same time, the officials of the police department present at the event enlightened the drivers about many other important issues including the knowledge of traffic rules.

Local drivers appreciated the move. A driver told IANS that this is a good step as it will motivate other drivers to be serious about their behaviour towards passengers.

According to the drivers association, such programmes will be held in the future as well. The association said that drivers have an important role in the society and they are directly connected with the public.

All the drivers who participated in the programme pledged to stay away from drugs and offer their support in its eradication.

The association’s initiative at the local level was highly appreciated and termed as the “need of the hour”.

“This is a welcome initiative as it is very important for drivers to have morals. Also, drivers can play an important role in eradicating vices like drugs,” said a local.




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