Kuwait to lift all Covid curbs from May

The Kuwait government announced its decided to lift all Covid-19 restrictions starting from May 1.

The wearing of face masks will no be longer mandatory but an option, both indoors and outdoors, Xinhua news agency quoted government spokesman Tareq Al-Mezrem as saying at a press conference.

The PCR test will also no longer ne required for all arrivals, regardless of their immunization status, he added.

Meanwhile, all individuals, vaccinated or unvaccinated, are allowed to enter all enclosed public places, regardless of immunization status and with no PCR test needed, Al-Mezrem told the press conference.

PCR test requirements for unvaccinated people in educational institutions and workplaces are also cancelled, he noted.

For the contacts of Covid-19 positive cases, no quarantine is required and “the PCR test is required in case symptoms appear within 14 days from the date of the last contact”, the spokesman said.

For those confirmed to be infected, they should be home quarantined for five days from the date of infection and the mask is mandatory, he noted.




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