Lady Gaga at the Olympics? Jordanian athlete makes waves

Jordanian taekwondoin Julyana Al-Sadeq may not have been able to get past the pre-quarter finals but she is the one from her sport making waves instead of gold medal winners like Croat Matea Jelic and Russian Maksim Khramtcov or even her compatriot Saleh ElSharabaty, who got a silver medal in the sport.

The reason: She bears uncanny resemblance to pop star Lady Gaga.

Gaga Daily, a fan account of the Grammy and Oscar winning artiste, had posted a picture of Julyana with the text, “Why is Lady Gaga at the Olympics.”

The fans were amused.

“Apparently Grammys and Oscar are not enough! She needs an Olympic medal too!,” one of the fans tweeted.

Another tweeted, “Now we can understand this lyrics: ‘this is my dance floor I fought for’. [emoticon: multiple musical notes]”, referring to the fifth track on her 2020 album Chromatica.

There were some who expressed joy at her multiple talents although it wasn’t clear from the tweets if they were joking or had seriously taken the Jordanian athlete Julyana to be the star.

“12 times Grammy winner, 3 times Oscar nominated and one time Oscar winner and now winning at the Olympics? God, is there something she can’t do?? @ladygaga,” said one.

One thinks if some day she walks on the streets of New York or Las Vegas in taekwondo uniform and gear, people may consider Julyana to be Lady Gaga in one of her freak outfits.