Lalan Sheikh death: Wife refutes CBI’s claims that she filed FIR under external influence

The wife of Bogtui carnage prime accused Lalan Sheikh, who died in CBI custody on December 12, on Thursday refuted claims by the agency that she filed the FIR with state police naming seven CBI officers due to “some external influence”.

On Wednesday, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) counsel claimed at Calcutta High Court that in all probability, Sheikh’s wife filed the FIR after being influenced by a section of the West Bengal government. Counsel also claimed that without the external influence, she would not have known the names of the CBI officers to be named in the FIR.

Talking to media persons, Reshma Bibi refuted the claims of the CBI counsel.

“I was sick. But the FIR was filed in my presence and according to the statements given by me. I met my deceased husband at the lockup. He was crying then and complained about on torture on him by the CBI officers. Then he told me the names of the CBI officers. I seek justice from the court,” she said.

At the same time, she said that she is unwilling for a second-round post-mortem of her husband’s body, since it has already been buried.

On Wednesday, a bench of Justice Jay Sengupta said that the decision of the second post-mortem of Lalan Sheikh’s body can only be taken after receiving the opinion from the wife of the deceased in the matter.

“I will not give the consent for a second post-mortem of my husband’s body. I want the investigation to be continued by the CID. Let the mystery be revealed. Only after that I will decide accordingly. However, at this point of time I will not allow my husband’s body to be brought out of the grave,” she said.

However, legal experts said that whether finally her objections for a second post-mortem will be accepted or not totally depends on the judge concerned. “If the judge feels that second post-mortem is necessary for fair investigation he can order it,” said senior counsel Kaushik Gupta said.




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