Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Lalan Singh slams BJP, media for spreading rumours on Vijay Singh’s death

JD(U) national president Lalan Singh has slammed the BJP as well as the media for spreading rumours on the death of Vijay Singh, a saffron party leader, despite police clarification that he did not die during a lathi charge in Patna.

Top BJP leaders, including Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi, Union Nityanand Rai, Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Kumar Sinha, had claimed on Thursday that Vijay Singh, the party’s Maha Mantri in Jahanabad district, died during a lathi charge during a protest march held earlier in the day.

“Vijay Singh did not reach the (protest) venue then how could he die in the lathi charge?” Lalan Singh questioned.

“Certain sections of the media also spread this false news. But it is possible since the media is under the control of the Central government. They are supporting the ‘Badka Jhutha Party’ (BJP) in spreading rumours. If anyone dares then show the lathi charge footage where Vijay Singh sustained injuries,” he added.

Lalan Singh also shared a video statement of Bharat Prasad Chandravansi, who had accompanied Vijay Singh from his native Jahanabad to Patna.

“We were on the way to the venue when a stampede-like situation occurred after the lathi charged and he fell down. Due to this he might have sustained injuries on his head. We took him to Tara hospital where he was put on the ventilator machine but he was not responding. Then an ambulance came and we went to PMCH,” Chandravansi said.

Sushil Kumar Modi was the first BJP leader to claim that Vijay Singh died during the police lathi charge.



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