Mumbai, April 17 (IANS) The number of downloads of LaLiga’s various apps has passed 110 million in the past weeks as users continue to rise during the COVID-19 shutdown. With the majority of global sports competitions temporarily paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans are searching for other means of entertainment. This has led thousands of people around the world to discover the family of apps that are run by LaLiga.

More than simply providing information on fixtures, clubs and players, the competition has developed several gaming and educational apps over recent years that allow users of all ages to discover the competition in a new way. The initiative has led to more than 110 million downloads, 80 percent of which come from outside Spain.

“At LaLiga we decided to launch as many apps and especially games as necessary to maximise the audience we reach and the engagement we get with our fans,” said Daniel Vicente, head of applications and games at LaLiga.

“We make different products available to fans, some with information about matches such as the Official App, others for fans more loyal to the competition such as LaLiga Fantasy Marca, for the little ones in the house, such as Educational Games or for the most casual fans around the world like Head Football LaLiga.”




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