Lalu Prasad’s brother-in-law angry over Tejashwi’s marriage

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav’s maternal uncle Sadhu Yadav on Friday went all out at his nephew over his inter-community marriage to former schoolmate Rachel Godinho.

Sadhu Yadav, the former Gopalganj MP, did not pull his punches in his attack on Tejashwi.

“He has demeaned the image of Lalu Prasad’s family after did the marriage with a girl belonging to another community. He doesn’t deserve to be called Leader of Opposition in Bihar Assembly.

“He is doing arbitrariness in the family and party. He wants to rule us. We cannot allow him to do so. We will boycott him. We will teach him a lesson,” said Sadhu Yadav, whose rage also owed to the fact that he was not invited to the ceremony.

He said that Lalu Prasad’s old aide Prem Gupta, who attended the marriage, was a “corrupt person”. “In fact all the invited persons who were participated in the marriage are corrupt,” he said.

Tejashwi Yadav got married to Rachel Godinho in a south Delhi’s Sainik farm locality on Thursday in presence of all family members. He has invited limited people for the marriage. Even RJD’s Bihar President Jagadanand Singh and other top leaders were not invited for the event. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was not invited as well.




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