Large-scale training intervention planned for civil servants

The Capacity Building Commission (CBC) has planned a large-scale training intervention for Central government officials by upskilling the civil servants through capacity building.

The Commission is in the process of hiring an agency for design, development, delivery, and implementation of large-scale training interventions for government officials to enable them to be more effective at the workplace.

As per the Commission documents, the competencies that the government officials will be trained in will be determined in conjunction with the concerned Ministry or government department to which trainee officials belong.

The selected agency will carry out the analysis of surveys or reports conducted by the ministry or department, if any.

Moreover, customer interaction study, wherever applicable, in different parts of the country to identify pain points and solutions may need to be carried out as per the needs of ministries or departments, followed by a report submission.

The Commission’s document said that these interventions can be on functional or behavioural competencies.

Behavioural competencies will, however, be the priority in large scale interventions, it said.

Training under this programme may be executed at two levels or tiers; as per the actual requirement of the concerned department.

While the first level will be the training of master trainers, the second level will be the training of the rest of the staff by the Master Trainers with ministry or department and support by the consultants.

The consultant will have to carry out a detailed training needs analysis for each of these tiers and this will be done in collaboration with and inputs from the concerned departments.

The consultant will also create a continuous improvement plan for the master trainers participants with suitable milestones based on the constructs of goal, plan, action, feedback, and changes required.

The consultant will design and develop an impact assessment module so that impact of the project may be assessed by a third party as decided by the concerned Ministry/Department and the Capacity Building Commission (CBC).




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