Tuesday, April 16, 2024

MiWay installing bigger, heated bus shelters on some Mississauga roads

Mississauga Transit (MiWay) is installing larger bus shelters with new amenities along some major roads in the city.

The transport operator says that many of these enhanced shelters will be installed on Erin Mills Parkway, Southdown Road, Dixie Road, Derry Road, Goreway Drive and Burnhamthorpe Road in Mississauga.

The first three of these enhanced shelters were installed last month on Erin Mills Parkway (1) and Dixie Road (2).

These enhanced MiWay shelters are double (8 metres) or triple (12 metres) the length of the standard four metres and offer more seating in a heated and enclosed shelter space for added comfort during colder weather. They have signage that identifies the bus stop location and will soon be fitted with digital screens displaying bus schedule information.

Over the next five years, MiWay says it will implement a shelter replacement program at locations with higher service frequencies.

Where possible, standard shelters that are replaced by enhanced shelters will be refurbished and used at other locations.


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