New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) Challenging the BJP to end the women’s protest at Shaheen Bagh against the controversial CAA, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said that holding press conferences by that party’s leaders will not help improve law and order in Delhi.

The Bharatiya Janata Party leaders should, instead, visit the protest site and talk to the protesters, Kejriwal told the media here.

He questioned the central government, which is responsible for maintaining law and order in Delhi, as to why it was unable to resolve the issue.

“Instead of holding press conferences, why did (Union Minister) Ravi Shankar Prasad not visit Shaheen Bagh?” asked Kejriwal, adding that “law and order will not improve with press conference but by working.”

It is sad that the the BJP is doing “dirty politics” over the issue, he added.

“The roads at Shaheen Bagh are blocked, causing problems for commuters. I have said several times that people should be allowed to protest in a peaceful manner. The protest should not affect the common man,” he said.

The Aam Aadmi Party leader said that the BJP could learn from the AAP as to “how to work”.

“They (BJP) only know how to do dirty politics and hold press conferences. I can give you in writing that the roads will not reopen (to traffic) before February 8. You will see this happen from February 9 onwards,” the AAP leader said.

The BJP does not want that the roads to be reopened, Kejriwal claimed.

“I appeal to all senior BJP leaders to visit the protest site, talk to the people and get the road reopened for the common man.”

Delhi Assembly elections will be held on February 8. The counting will take place on February 11.




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