Law Society of Ontario sues NCA Exam Guru for allegedly promoting cheating in licensing exams

The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) is suing NCA Exam Guru and its principal, Aamer Chaudhry for allegedly providing documents to clients that would allow them to cheat on licensing exams.

NCA Exam Guru offers preparation courses for licensing examinations. Aamer Chaudhry leads some of the courses.

In the civil action, the LSO alleges that the company, without authorization, has been obtaining and providing to those enrolled in its preparation courses documents containing questions from the licensing examinations. The company has also been providing documents containing answers to questions. These documents were provided improperly to clients of the company to allow them to cheat on the licensing examinations, a news release from LSO stated.

The Law Society of Ontario is seeking monetary damages for breach of confidence, conspiracy, inducing breach of contract and copyright infringement. It is also seeking a return of the examination content from the defendants and an injunction prohibiting its further use and distribution. It is also asking for a full accounting and disgorgement of all profits earned directly or indirectly from the use and disclosure of the examination content, as well as an award of punitive and exemplary damages.

“The Law Society is committed to protecting the public interest and actively responding to conduct that threatens the integrity of the licensing process and the professions. As regulator, we will take strong action against alleged wrongdoers,” said Diana Miles, Chief Executive Officer. “This action also serves as a reminder to candidates of their responsibilities and obligations around examination conduct, and the need to be on guard against any third-parties who may be organizing activities to facilitate cheating on licensing examinations.”



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