Lawyers of WB victims of violence to seek President’s rule in state

Claiming the complete collapse of law and order in the state, lawyers of the victims of violence will meet the President and the Union Home Minister to demand the imposition of President’s rule in West Bengal.

Addressing a press conference in the national capital, convenor of the ‘Lawyers for Justice’ and counsel for the victims of political violence in West Bengal, Kabir Shankar Bose said, “Lawyers of Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and all District Courts of the city and NCR will hold a peaceful candle march on Friday. Family members of victims will also join the march. The voice for justice for Bengal will now echo in Delhi. The fight for justice will now be fought nationally, India will fight for justice, India will fight for Bengal.”

Bose said that the delegation of the lawyers of the victims will meet President Ram Nath Kovind and Union Home Minister Amit Shah and give a representation about the complete breakdown of law and order in West Bengal.

“We will also demand imposition of President’s rule in West Bengal for breakdown of law and order and state sponsored violence,” Bose said.

Bose claimed that since 2018, West Bengal has seen unprecedented state sponsored violence targeting particular groups and persons affiliated to certain groups and communities.

“Post May 2, 2021 after the announcement of the assembly polls results a reign of unprecedented terror, lawlessness and violence was unleashed by goons and anti-socials actively supported by the ruling dispensation and the political party in power in West Bengal. Hundreds of thousands were driven out of their homes. Hundreds were murdered. Daughters and mothers of West Bengal were raped,” Bose said.

Bose claimed that post May 2, 2021 more than three lakh people have been rendered homeless. “They were driven out of their homes because they belonged to a particular religion or were aligned to particular organizations. Women were dragged out of their homes and raped in front of their families,” he said.

He noted that since 2016 more than 300 political murders and over 50 rapes have happened in the state. “The Calcutta High Court also deemed it fit to direct CBI investigation into the massive human rights violations, murders, rapes, arson, loot, vandalism which occurred after May 2. A SIT was directed to be formed under the supervision of a retired High Court Chief Justice to investigate the arson, vandalism, loot cases i.e. non murder and rape cases,” he added.




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