Leader of Opposition to advocate renomination of all 64 sitting MLAs of Congress in Gujarat

The Leader of Opposition of Gujarat Assembly, Sukhram Rathva, is going to request the Congress party leadership to renominate all 64 sitting MLAs.

Speaking to IANS, Rathva said: “It is my duty to advocate for my colleagues in the state Assembly. For the last four-and-half years, I am seeing each MLA’s performance in the Assembly. I am satisfied with colleagues’ performance, we have successfully raised people’s issue on the floor of the house, each MLA has also taken up issues of their respective constituency, so it is my duty as team leader to defend them before the party leadership.”

For each candidate, the party will be carrying out surveys of MLAs’ performance in their constituency, how many times they participated in party programmes, how cooperative they were with the organisation, even taluka and district organisation will have a say about MLA’s performance. But as leader of opposition, Rathva will have weightage in finalising candidates.

Congress candidates’ chances of betraying the party at the last moment is less, but there is possibility that BJP can convince AAP candidates to withdraw in support of BJP wherever they fear that AAP’s presence can reduce chances of victory for a BJP candidate. However, in he observation of Rathva, the chances for this are bleak.

He is confident that the Congress party will be doing better this time than in 2017.

On September 05, Party leader Rahul Gandhi will be addressing booth workers in Ahmedabad, and a public rally in Patan district.




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