Leah Remini: My daughter thinks I’m ridiculous

Actress Leah Remini says her daughter Sofia thinks she is ridiculous. The Hollywood star, who rose to fame as Carrie Heffernan on the long-running sitcom “The King Of Queens”, made the confession on the “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

Actress Drew Barrymore was seen talking about Remini’s nail. She said: “I know that you are a nail enthusiast… wow your nails are so extraordinary.”

Remini replied: “They are really inappropriate for my age, but these are like lips with a grill. Like I don’t know why, I just love nails. I love hair and makeup. I love the whole thing and my daughter thinks I’m ridiculous. She’s probably right but I love them. I enjoy them.”

Remini disclosed that her daughter Sofia does not find it interesting about being 16, when Barrymore asked her daughter’s age.

The show’s host also asked if her daughter “like anything girly?”

Remini replied: “She’s a big fan of makeup, she buys tons of makeup, she hoards makeup, she doesn’t necessarily wear a lot of makeup but the thing that is really true to who my daughter is. I have love notes from my daughter that I frame around the house.”

Remini described Sofia as “very conscious”.

On her part, talking about her children, Barrymore said: “I have an eight and almost seven, and when I was reading about you saying the homework, my daughters were recently unfortunately not feeling well and they were sick and they couldn’t do homeschool, and I was very relieved because the homeschool is so hard.”