Left Arsenal because of boss Mikel Arteta, says Aubameyang

Former Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has confirmed that he left the club only because of a problem with manager Mikel Arteta.

“I think the problem was only with him (Arteta) and he made the decision. I can’t say much, he wasn’t happy and that’s it. It happened like that. He wasn’t very happy, I stayed very calm and that’s it. They were difficult months but I think that’s how football is sometimes,” Aubameyang was quoted as saying by dailymail.co.uk.

“For my part I have never wanted to do something wrong and now I think that this is the past and I want to think about the present and right now that is my answer,” he said.

Aubameyang was unveiled by Barcelona on Thursday having joined as a free transfer until 2025, after agreeing the mutual termination of his Arsenal contract. The striker was halfway through a three-year deal that Arteta helped convince him to sign in September 2020.

But their relationship broke down beyond repair after Arteta froze Aubameyang out and stripped him of the captaincy last month following a breach of discipline.

“I really wanted to come here, that’s why I came in the morning, because I wanted to get things done. We waited until the last moment because it was a bit difficult with Arsenal but in the end I’m here. It was a very long day, crazy. We signed two minutes from the end. It was very long, I was with my dad at his house hoping that everything would be fine,” Aubameyang said.

“In the end they called me in the afternoon to go do the medical check-up and I went very happy. A little stress at the end but all good. I’ve always had the dream of playing in La Liga. It’s an incredible opportunity for me. This is the chance of a lifetime. Everyone knows that Barça is one of the best clubs in the world. I’m very happy,” he added.




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