Legal dispute involving Nagari Pracharini Sabha resolved


The legal dispute involving the Nagari Pracharini Sabha in Varanasi, a Hindi service organisation that has been going on for the past 15 years has been resolved.

Accepting the written objection of poet and critic Vyomesh Shukla, Sadar Nandkishore Kalal, Assistant Registrar, Societies of 2004 has considered the committee of Padmakar Pandey and Shobhnath Yadav as illegal in a 27-page order.

On the basis of the list of members of the assembly, the order has been given to hold new elections under the supervision of the district administration.

While the head office of this organisation is in Varanasi, its branches are in New Delhi and Haridwar.

Before independence, this institution had submitted a memorandum of five lakh signatures to the then Governor of the United Provinces by running an all-India movement to make Hindi the language of work in the courts. At the same time, the Sabha also published a “Kachari Hindi Kosh” to facilitate official and court work in Hindi.

The Aryabhasha Library, located on the Varanasi campus of the Nagari Pracharini Sabha enjoys much respect among academics and intellectuals across the world. Actually, it is a unique museum of language and literature. There is no such large collection of Hindi handwriting anywhere else. Such a compilation of unavailable and rare texts is also difficult to find anywhere else. Till half a century ago, eminent scholars of Hindi had been providing their personal collections of books to this library.

The publications of Nagari Pracharini Sabha have a glorious history.

In addition to the 12 volumes of ‘Hindi Shabdsagar’, this organisation has published 12 volumes of ‘Hindi Encyclopedia’, 16 volumes of ‘Grand History of Hindi Literature and more than 500 texts along the lines of Encyclopedia Britannica.



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