Leopard rescued from well after over 6 hrs


A leopard was brought out of a well here following a rescue operation that last more than six hours.

According to reports, a farmer on Sunday saw the leopard trying to claw its way up in the well and he informed the forest officials.

A rescue team of the forest department lowered a wooden cot into the well to enable the leopard to find a footing, After the feline managed to haul itself up on it, the cot was gently pulled up.

As soon as the cot reached the top of the well, the leopard jumped out and fled into the nearby forest.

Regional Forest officer (RFO) Piyush Joshi, who was present at the spot, said: “Controlling the crowd was the most difficult part. More team members were called before starting the rescue operation since the leopard was a big one.

“After six hours, it was rescued and disappeared in the forest.”



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