Let us not send wrong message of tourism: Goa Minister

Social media platforms and media fraternity should understand that a small thing which is highlighted and made big through a smartphone carries wrong message to tourism, Goa Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte said on Friday.

“If you want tourism and employment then we are asking for support, equally from the media fraternity to get these things done,” Khaunte said during launch of ‘Beach Vigil App’, here.

He said that criticising the government through social media is easy.

“We have no objection to it as this is democracy. But let us be responsible from both the side,” he said urging support from public.

“It is not only we are trying to trying to build the backbone of tourism but we are calling everyone to support to drive this system. If you want tourism and employment then we are asking support, equally from media fraternity to support to get these things done,” he said.

He said the Tourism has been the backbone of the state and there is need to give strong message, when we start talking about vision of tourism ahead.

“If we need to grow in right sense, then we need to have right sense of tourist coming in the state and there is work to be done,” he said.

“Lots of infrastructure has been already initiated. We are looking for those tourist who will spend and help economy of the state and contribute GDP of the state. We need to create more infrastructure for those tourist who want to come in. We need to be responsive and responsible for the infrastructure that we have,” Khaunte said.




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