Let’s bust common men’s skincare myths


Grooming is considered women’s forte even today and men who pay attention to grooming are still looked at differently. Skin care products always targeted women – be it sunscreen, face wash, moisturisers or any other products. Only in the last few years has skin care products specifically for men available in the market.

Even so, there are so many myths that surround skincare maintenance and beauty products for men.

However, keeping their skin hydrated and boost collagen is as essential for men’s skin as it is for women.

Here are some common myths around skincare and skincare products for men:

Skin care products for men is only a gimmick by marketers

This is the most common myth and it is completely untrue. Men also need to properly cleanse their skin and moisturise them just like women. Also, they need products suited for their skin because men tend to have thicker skin than women, so the products have to designed specifically to suit their skin type.

Their skin doesn’t age

While it is true that men tend to show age lines a little later than women, even so, they also eventually start to show signs of ageing on their face so they also need to start investing in appropriate skin care in their 30s to reduce the impact of ageing on their skin.

Water is enough

Washing with plain water is not enough as it will not clean out the pores. Instead washing face too often will only strip the skin of essential oils as well and make skin dry and then itchy and flaky. Instead, they need use a good cleanser to clean out the dirt and sebum collected in the pores.

Regular body soap on the face is a bad idea for their skin health.


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