Let’s meet the tallest family in the world – The Trapp Family

The Guinness World Records has confirmed that a family of five from Minnesota in USA, the Trapp family are the tallest family in the world. The five members of the family – Krissy, Scott, Molly, Savanna and Adam boast an average height of 6 ft, 8 inches or 203.29 cm.

As per Aliciamarie Rodriguez, a Guinness reporter, the youngest member of the Trapp family, Adam Trapp is a 22-year-old young man with a towering height of 7ft. 3 inches (221.71 cm). He was followed by Savanna Trapp-Blanchfield, who is 27-years old and is 6ft. 8 inches (202.7 cm) and their sibling Molly Steede, who is 24 years old is 6 ft. 6 inches (197.26 cm) tall.

The shortest of the five is the mother, Krissy Trapp who stands at 6ft. 3 inches (191.2 cm), while their father, Scott Trapp is 6ft. 8 inches (202.7cm) tall.

According to the Guinness website, it was Adam’s idea that made his sister Savanna reach out to the Guinness World Records.

A year and a half ago, in December 2020, the family visited an orthopaedic to get themselves measured. As per protocol, each member of the Trapp family had to be measured three times through the entire day, both while standing up as well as lying down.

The average of all the measurements taken is used to calculate the height.

The family feels proud of the record as for the longest time they were only the recipients of stares when they stepped out in public. So, holding a Guinness Record brings them pride and joy.

Watch the video of the Trapp family to know more about the tallest family in the world:



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