‘Let’s unite and make our motherland more beautiful,’ says Kichcha Sudeep

Pointing out that our motherland is our home, Kannada star Kichcha Sudeep on Monday asked citizens to unite and make it more beautiful.

Taking to Twitter to post his Independence Day wishes, Sudeep said: “Happy Independence Day to every Indian across the world. This motherland is our home. Let us unite and make it more beautiful. Vande Mataram.”

He also posted a link to a Vande Mataram video shot for the occasion and said: “Honoured to be a part of this song. Thanks.”

Actress Simran, who took to Instagram to share her Independence Day wishes, wrote, “Another reason to celebrate the 75th Independence Day with joy & pride! Congratulations to all the winners of the Common Wealth Games 2022. Wish you all a Happy Independence Day #IndiaAt75 #IndependenceDay2022.”

Actress Andrea, who shared her Independence Day wishes along with a poster from her upcoming film, ‘Pisasu 2’ said: “We join the nation in celebrating 75 years of Independence. Let’s resolve together to build a safe, better and prosperous India.

Wishing you all a Happy Independence Day from team ‘Pisasu2’.




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