LG to launch upgradable appliances for enhanced user experience


LG Electronics on Tuesday said it will roll out upgradable home appliances to better serve consumers’ varying needs, in what it said could be a major shift from selling products to offering improved consumer experiences.

The tech giant said that users will be able to easily update their home appliances through the smart home ThinQ application to install new features, without having to buy a whole new product.

LG said it will initially roll out six upgradable products, including dryers, refrigerators and dish washers, and expand the lineup of its UP appliances to 20 this year, with an ultimate aim to make every LG product upgradable in the future.

The upgrades will be made based on consumer behaviour, big data and consumer feedback, the company said, adding it will be available through software updates and through installing accessories and modular equipment in existing appliances, reports Yonhap news agency.

The goal of LG’s new plan is to “offer new consumer experiences with products that become smarter, newer and more comfortable as time goes by,” Ryu Jae-chul, head of LG’s home appliance and air solutions division said.

While he does not know whether the plan will extend products’ life cycles or not, the company will “go ahead with it to deliver new value to customers, which we believe will ultimately help boost our business,” he said.



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