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Liberals make gains but Conservatives still lead in recent poll

Trudeau Liberals are still not where they should be if they want to take the hill- Parliament Hill, to be precise. This finding comes in a new national poll. However, the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer cannot take victory for granted.

A DART/MARU “Voice of Canada Poll” conducted last week places the PCs in first place with 37 per cent support, while the federal Lib support has jumped eight points with 32 per cent.

Most of Trudeau’s support can be traced back to Ontario, leading many pollsters to conclude that the effectiveness of a Liberal ad blitz linking Scheer with Premier Doug Ford has worked.

As for the prime minister’s own popularity nationwide, just 24 per cent of respondents say the Trudeau Liberals deserve another term.

Jagmeet Singh’s NDP is up four points nationally, leaving them in a distant third place, with 17 per cent support.

A CBC commissioned poll found that the newer the Canadian, the more optimistic he or she is likely to be about the country compared to Canadians with tenure.

And for some reason, new Canadians are also more likely to be somewhat tuned into Canadian politics than the rest of us.

Their optimism makes them believe that the country is on the right track, trust the government to do what’s right, and to say they don’t think corruption is a problem in Canadian politics!

Not surprisingly new Canadians are more likely to look upon PM Justin Trudeau more favorably and say they don’t have enough information about Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

According to the poll, the top three issues new Canadians say are important to them are: finding a job; having previous credentials recognized; and the speed of immigration when it comes to processing other family members.

The CBC poll shows an overwhelming majority of new Canadians agree that voting is an important duty, but 36 per cent of respondents say they don’t know enough to actually cast a ballot.
Of the new Canadians polled, 35 per cent said they believe Trudeau should be the prime minister, compared to 19 per cent who chose Scheer. Singh and Elizabeth May trailed with 11 and nine per cent respectively.

Despite the fact 36 per cent of new immigrants admitting they don’t know enough to cast a ballot, they seem convinced that Liberal PM Trudeau is doing a great job on all fronts, but aren’t too thrilled about his stance on marijuana.

Forty-nine per cent of new Canadians said he’s doing well on that front, compared to 58 per cent of the general population.

The fact that new Canadians tend to be more positive may have to do with the tendency to overlook minor issues which seem trivial when compared to what these immigrants and refugees have experienced back in the lands they left behind. But as their standards and expectations rise, so will their level of discontent.

In politics, the fortunes for any party could change in a matter of days. -CINEWS

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