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Liberals release first election-year ads focusing on climate change

The election ads that were released this week were totally disconnected from the SNC-Lavalin affair dominating the headlines. The ads made much before the SNC-Lavalin controversy revolves around safe climate change themes.

Radio ads will air in the four provinces where the federal government is imposing a carbon tax after their conservative provincial governments refused to levy their own price on carbon: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick.

The ads stress that the money raised from the tax will be rebated directly to residents in those provinces.

Trudeau set the stage and the mood for the ad campaign with a “climate action” rally in Toronto on Monday night.

The message, delivered by Trudeau, is identical for the four provinces — aside from the amount of money to be rebated to residents, which varies depending on the amount of carbon emissions to be taxed in each province.

According to the ads, an average family of four will receive more than $600 this year in Saskatchewan, more than $300 in Ontario and Manitoba and more than $250 in New Brunswick.

The Trudeau government is requiring provinces to impose a price on carbon emissions, starting at $20 per tonne this year and rising by $10 per tonne annually until it hits $50 in 2022. It is imposing its own tax on those provinces that have refused to meet the federal threshold.

The first payments will be seen by those filing taxes in the four provinces. -CINEWS

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