Liberals target PC MPP Parm Gill for same-sex marriage comments


The Ontario Liberal campaign has released a new website ( and video calling attention to the homophobic beliefs of Parm Gill, and the anti-woman pledge of Sam Oosterhoff, both of whom were hand-picked for senior roles in the Ford Conservative government, the party says.

Titled “Meet Doug Ford’s Conservatives” the webpage has a 1 minute 20 second long video highlighting the views of Gill and Oosterhoff on same-sex marriage and abortion respectively.

The video initially shows a clip of Sam Oosterhoff, Ford’s Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education, pledging to “make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime”.

A Toronto Star headline “MPP San Oosterhoff under fire for ties to group that compares abortion to the Holocaust” features next. It is followed by Oosterhoff’s tweet about Bill 28 being poorly written and disrespectful to mothers and fathers.

The focus then shifts to Gill whom the Liberals refer to as “Doug Ford’s right hand man”.

A clip is played in which the former Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism says, “I’m sure some of you remember back in the days, when same-sex marriage was a very hot issue…that is when I first ran for the Conservative Party of Canada, because I did not agree with that policy”.

In the media statement to CanIndia, the Liberal party claims to have obtained the” now-deleted video of Gill” making these inflammatory remarks.

The video ends with the hashtag #DoneWithDoug.

Site visitors are then asked to share the “Meet Doug Ford’s Conservatives” webpage on Twitter.

Meanwhile Gill also received media attention for not attending a forum organized by the Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area last Thursday.

Toronto Star reported the current MPP’s absence drew criticism from the two attending candidates, Liberal’s Sameera Ali and NDP’s Katherine Cirlincione. However he wasn’t the only no-show. Ali and Cirlincione were the only two of the six candidates invited, according to the news report.


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