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Liberals to introduce new minimum wage legislation for private sector contractors

The Liberals have introduced new legislation that will set a minimum wage rate for construction workers, building services or cleaners under government contract.

The legislation will include provisions for market-standard rates that contractors and sub-contractors have to pay their employees.

Contractors will be expected to bid on government contracts taking those rates into account.

The rates will be detailed in regulation and be specific to sector, region and existing collective agreements — akin to a job-specific minimum pay rate.

It will prevent contractors from undercutting one another on wages to “lowball” when bidding for public projects.

This new legislation called the Government Contract Wages Act updates the existing Fair Wage Policy which was last updated in 1995.

Premier Kathleen Wynne also noted the government’s move to close the gender wage gap, make sure part-time workers receive equal pay and improvements to sick days.

The government will create a new position — director of government contract wages — who will determine the pay for each worker category.

The new wage requirements will be enforced for any new contracts, not existing ones. – CINEWS

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