Libyan authorities to probe clashes in Tripoli

Libya’s Interior Ministry announced that it would launch an investigation into the armed clashes between two of its security forces that broke out in the capital city of Tripoli.

The Ministry said on Friday that has been closely following Thursday’s events “which led to heavy shootings” in central Tripoli between patrols of the Stabilization Support Department and the Deterrence Department of Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime, Xinhua news agency reported.

Interior Minister Bashir Al-Amin instructed “competent authorities to follow up on the reports and start investigation on these events, stressing that all parties should work in accordance with the law”, it said.

The Ministry revealed no details about casualties resulting from the clashes, saying that the current situation is stable and under control.

This is the first security breach to have taken place in Tripoli since the formation of the Libyan government of National Unity in March that ended years of political division in the North African country.