Litigator objects to Delhi’s L&DO notification

A litigator has approached the Department of Urban Development of Government of Delhi for withdrawal of notification issued by its Land and Development Office (L&DO), under which no documents for property leasehold/freehold shall be registered by Sub-Registrars without obtaining an NOC from L&DO.

Advocate Kartik Bhardwaj, in his application said that as a result of the said notification, the registration of documents/deeds for L&DO properties, both leasehold and freehold, has been stopped by the Sub-Registrars in Delhi.

“I am not able to understand that when the President of India through L&DO has granted freehold rights by way of execution of Conveyance Deed (freehold properties), how can the L&DO restrict for registration of documents/deeds in respect of freehold properties. It may please be noted that why the persons who have purchased freehold rights from President of India are restricted to sell or otherwise transfers the freehold property? Why the NOC has to be obtained in this regard from L&DO?,” Bhardwaj questioned.

The Sub-Registrars have stopped the registration of all kinds of documents/ deeds viz. Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Relinquishment Deed, Partition Deed, Sale Agreements and General Power of Attorneys in respect of L&DO properties, not only for the leasehold properties but also for freehold properties.




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