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New Delhi, Dec 15 (IANSlife) The Piano Man brings the world of jazz to your neighbourhood with Giants of Jazz, a musical extravaganza. Honouring the finest artists from all around the world and the essence of Jazz culture in India, it comes from the deep-seated thought that imbibes the artist’s first philosophy, the musical fiasco brings to life performances that will most definitely leave an impression.

Hosted at two locations is a line-up of performances celebrating Jazz culture and more. Making the festival even more fun-filled are delicious drinks and delectable dishes.

Prabhtoj sings The Standards

Prabhtoj Singh – a singer-songwriter from New Delhi. He has been singing and performing for over five years and has been associated with a number of acts and projects like That 80s project, Yellow Brick Project, and House of Symphony. Prabhtoj started working on his own songwriting after working with bands like The Fringe and This That. He has worked on an EP and is currently finishing his first studio album.

Rythem Bansal – a professional Pianist, Composer, and Educator based in New Delhi, India. Although started with self-teaching, he later studied piano from John Raphael and completed Trinity Grade 8 in Piano. Drawn to jazz and improvisational music, he also studied with Utsav Lal and Jacob Damelin (Canada). Rythem has performed with numerous musicians and bands in the city which has gained him the reputation of being one of the most in-demand Jazz pianists in India.

Where and When: The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, 12th December, Monday

Gaurav & Parijat

Gaurav and Parijat are a voice and guitar duo from New Delhi. They go to college together and are in the same class, which they realized when they were jamming for this set, cause neither of them has ever seen each other in college. They’ll perform a mixed set of some jazz standards, some new hits, and a couple of originals, with some bonus stuff they scribbled backstage.

Where and When: The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, December 13, Tuesday

Zero Gravity Duo

Ameet and Manita, leading their passion project under Zero Gravity where blues music reigns, have found through the years their love for acoustic sound where they cover jazz and blues standards as they believe vocal and guitar alone to be one of the purest forms of expression.

Ameet Mayanglambam, a young guitarist from Manipur started his journey with his brother’s beat-up acoustic guitar and has come a long way from rock music to blues and jazz where he finds himself discovering a new shade of the instrument every day.

Music happened to Manita while working in the corporate sector 3 years back and represents the saying that it’s never too late to start something good when she left her day job to dive into music. Manita Thapa, since then continues on her journey to do nothing but the blues.

Where and When: The Piano Man Gurugram, December 13, Tuesday

Yohei & Arjun

Arjun Sagar Gupta an electronics engineer by education and a Fulbright music scholar, Arjun Sagar Gupta has been a performing pianist since the early 2000s. His influences include pianists such as Erroll Garner and Thomas Waller, but also classical maestros such as Franz Liszt, Vladimir Horowitz, and Chopin. Arjun started his musical journey under the tutelage of John Raphael at the Delhi School of Music who apart from being the director of the institute was undoubtedly one of the best piano teachers in the country. Arjun plays the piano and sings and performs with leading musicians like Pradyumna Singh Manot, Harshit Misra, and more.

Where and When: The Piano Man Gurugram, December 13, Tuesday


Drums, guitar, vibes, and bass are enough for HI5 to casually tear down limited music genres, being playful and creative at the same time. A jazz band that spends much time rehearsing and working on elaborate arrangements, just so they can surprise the audience at a live concert with the greatest of ease, playing freely and not demonstrating the hard work behind it. This is music you won’t hear every day. Listening to HI5 is both an adventure and a pleasure. Their latest release “Southern Inspection Tour”, a live album recorded at a china tour, would by no means be described as ordinary or trivial. The band itself uses the term “minimal jazz chamber music” and hence opens a wide spectrum of playful and intellectual possibilities.

Where and When: The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, 14th December, Wednesday, and The Piano Man Gurugram, 15th December, Thursday

Siddharth, Aditya & Sonic

Aditya Dutta is a professional drummer based in Delhi. He has been performing and collaborating as a sessions drummer in the Delhi independent music circuit for the past couple of years. He has actively played with Rainer Pusch (Germany), Karan Khosla Trio, Aditi Dot., Rythem Bansal, Rie Ona (Japan), Ipshita Roy, and various other musicians and acts from the city.

Sonic Shori is a professional bassist in the city of Delhi. He is a student of Grammy-nominated Greek-American musician Panagiotis Andreou. He has comprehensive stage experience and has collaborated with musicians from several different genres including classical, fusion, funk, and metal. His playing combines complexity with cohesion and playing melodies with dexterity, musicality, and tenacity.

Siddharth Gautam hails from Delhi but has been based in Bangalore for the last few years and has been playing in and around the city with his Gypsy jazz act, the Django twins.

Where and When: The Piano Man Gurugram, December 14, Wednesday

Pere Bujosa Trio

Pere Bujosa (Palma, 1992) began his musical adventure surrounded by classical music and rock and blues bands at home. He begins to study classical double bass in Palma, at the same time he is interested in modern music and begins to take lessons and plays with bands from the local scene in Palma. Later he moved to Barcelona to study at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona, and in 2015 he participated in an exchange program that allowed him to study at the University of North Texas (USA) with the legendary double bassist Lynn Seaton (Count Basie Orchestra, Woody Herman). A graduate of the Amsterdam Conservatory of Jazz Performance (Eujam Master), he has collaborated with international artists such as Salvador Sobral, Ben Van Gelder, Antonio Serrano, and Hanna Paulsberg and has given concerts in different countries of European geography such as Portugal, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Norway, and Denmark.

Where and When: The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, December 15, Thursday, and The Piano Man Gurugram, December 16, Friday

Ser O Jooni

Ser O Jooni is born from the fusion of two bands that are active participants in the Music Scene of Kathmandu: Jooni, made up of Abhisek Bhadra (Nepal) on Keyboard and singer Maria Fajardo (Spain), together with Chilean Band Ser O Duo, Tomas Carrasco on flute and Moa Edmunds on guitar. The collaboration, which began in 2020, consists of original compositions and arrangements that seek to reflect the roots as well as the personal musical findings of each and every one of its members. Their influences are as diverse as the musicians themselves: From jazz to world music, Latin-American folklore, all the way to rock and experimental music, with a sweet nudge of improvisation.

Where and When: The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, 16th December, Friday and The Piano Man Gurugram, 17th December, Saturday


Valérie Chane Tef: Piano, Voice & Compositions, Franck Leymeregie: Percussion & Backing vocals, Benjamin Pellier: Bass & Backing vocals. This is “their sound”: the one that the three accomplices of AKODA have been refining for a decade, taking us enthusiastically into Creole ballads that make up their identity and their contagious joie de vivre. With their voices leading the way, they sing Reunionese, Guadeloupean, Martinique, or invented languages. It is a living tradition that the group reinvents and transmits to us with its jazz signature: beating hearts, dancing bodies, and present emotions.

Where and When: The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, 17th December, Saturday and The Piano Man Gurugram, December 18, Sunday

Sunday Jam Session

Every Sunday, the piano man jazz club is honored to host some of the finest jazz musicians in India. From Mohan, Shubhanshu, and Amar Tirkey on Guitars, to Divij Kapoor, Sonic Shori, and Karan Wadhwa on the bass. Aniket and Agneya on the saxophone elevate the spirits of the crowd. On drums, we’ve got Kunal Netrapal, Raghav Khullar & Aditya Bhagavatula. And lastly, Arjun Sagar Gupta guiding you through this beautiful journey.

Where and When: The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, December 18, SundayBlessing Chimanga

The 7-piece DREAMS BAND of Zimbabwe’s shooting star BLESSING ‘BLED’ CHIMANGA (marimba, drums & vocals) started as a trio and has been playing together for 7 years now and touring worldwide together for 5 years. Their music style is marked by a unique and pure African sound created out of Blessing Chimanga’s virtuous marimba playing, lead vocals, and energetic entertainer talent while maestro bass player Igiel Njolomahand Tulani Kuwani on saxophone and guitar keeps the groovy rhythm of the band together with Tapiwa Chishiri on heavy pulsating drums and percussions, with vocal harmonies from Milicent Chigariro, Elisha Zimbevamusic director and keyboard player and our tour manager Tatenda Deve.

Where and When: The Piano Man Jazz Club, 23rd December, Friday and The Piano Man Gurugram, December 24, Saturday

Ser O Duo

Ser o Duo started their work in 2017 in Valparaiso, Chile. They have performed their music in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, India, Nepal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and Turkey. With Tomas Carrasco on wind instruments and Moa Edmunds on acoustic guitar and electronics, the duo aims to use the possibilities given by a wide range of world flutes (silver flute, quenas, Bulgarian kaval, Indian bansuri, Turkish ney, ocarinas, among others) and a hybrid approach to the acoustic guitar (western classical and south-American with effects) for creating music openly and inclusively, weakening stylistic and cultural borders, where the strict structure of western classical music lives together with improvisation, modern approaches and concepts taken from a wide range of musical traditions.

Where and When: The Piano Man Gurugram, December 28, Wednesday, and The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, December 29, Thursday

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