Loblaws to launch a ‘no name’ brand beer

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A rock bottom priced beer is about to hit the market. Loblaws is launching a ‘no name’ brand beer this Family Day long weekend. From February 15 to February 17, the ‘no name’ beer will be available LCBO locations for $6.60 (including deposit), while supplies last. This makes it a neat buck-a-beer option for price-conscious tipplers.
“Our no name brand was built on a promise of simple products at outstanding value. This is what we’re bringing to beer drinkers who are looking for a quality beer, without all the lifestyle frills,” says Ian Gordon, no name’s Senior Vice President.
“The new no name beer will stand out with its recognizable yellow label, and one word: Beer. It’s a beacon for customers looking for a great taste at an unbeatable price,” Gordon concluded, adding that they experienced record sales and customer feedback when they piloted ‘buck a beer’ last fall.
Family Day would be the first in a series of weekends which Loblaws says they will be running this promotion.
So this weekend beer drinkers all over will be curious to taste this one and see if it lives up to its hype. Will it have real flavor? It will be inexpensive compared to the other ones out there. There is definitely a market for low cost beer.

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  1. I went to Loblaw around 9 am, LCBO and Beer store around 2 pm at Heartland Center in Mississauga? All of them don’t have No Name beer on the shelf. This is a fake news. It’s a gimmick!