Locals burn two robbers to death after torture in Karachi

Two alleged street criminals were burnt to death by residents of North Karachi’s Sector L1 while fleeing after snatching valuables from a local.

The locals tortured the two men before burning them alive, rescue sources said. The two men died on the spot and their bodies were shifted to a nearby hospital, they added, The News reported.

The police reached the location as soon as they got the news of the incident, SSP Central Maroof Usman said.

The two alleged street criminals have been identified as Muhammad Imran and Nadir Hussain.

According to the police, Imran and Nadir had criminal record. Imran was named in a case in District West while Nadir Hussain was booked in multiple cases in district Korangi, Malir and Central, the police said.

The two criminals were trying to flee after snatching valuables from a local named Jibran, police told the media, The News reported.

According to the police, Jibran shouted as the robbers tried to flee the scene. Shopkeepers near a rickshaw stand caught the men.

The robbers tried to use their firearm but the bullet got stuck. The citizens burnt the accused to death after torture and brought their bodies to the main road. Weapons, mobile phones and a motorcycle were recovered from them, the police said.




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