‘Lock Upp’: Saisha offended as Kaaranvir refers to her as ‘he’


Saisha Shinde is a well-known transwoman fashion designer and currently seen as an inmate in Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Lock Upp’.

She is often seen getting the limelight being a transwoman and a similar situation arose recently when Kaaranvir Bohra referred to Saisha as ‘he’.

Saisha wanted to smoke in the morning, but she couldn’t go to the smoking-room due to an activity in the yard, so she went in front of the camera and started ranting. She accused the show’s creators, saying: “You can’t do this to us!”

Kaaranvir arrives and instructs her not to act like this, but throughout the conversation, Kaaranvir refers to Saisha as ‘he’, which Saisha finds offensive because her pronouns are ‘she/her’.

“First and foremost, it’s not he, it’s she!,” Saisha says to Kaaranvir. Saisha’s friend Nisha Rawal comes to her aid and tells everyone to refer to Saisha as ‘she’.

Saisha had an emotional breakdown while speaking about the same. Munawar Faruqui was irritated by Nisha’s attempt to embellish the entire conversation, so he responded to her by stating: “You could keep the explanation a little short.”

Nisha became enraged and yelled to Munawar: “You can’t tell me what to do! This is a really sensitive topic.”



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