Mumbai, April 20 (IANS) Rakul Preet Singh is enjoying her caffeine-free immunity booster, which she feels is extremely necessary during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Taking to Instagram, the actress shared: “We need our immunity to be at its best in times like these and what better way than to do it naturally!”

Rakul Preet also shared the recipe for her fans to follow, because immunity in needed to resist the novel coronavirus.

“@rashichowdhary thanksss for the recipe. Add pinch of ginger , pepper , turmeric , cinnamon and cloves to 500 ml water.. let it boil till it becomes half. Add organic honey if you like. It tastes so good and is perfect replacement for caffeine too!! #stayhealthy #stayhome #naturalremedies,” she wrote.

The “Marjaavaan” actress, who is a teetotaller refrains from consuming fast food, sweets, fried and processed food, and works out regularly.

On the occasion of World Health Day recently, Rakul Preet took to Instagram and shared: “Times like these make us realise the importance of good health and how grateful we should be for it! Health to me is not just physical but also mental and emotional well being. How joyful and happy you are at all times irrespective of the external factors determines your health. Making the right choices is the key and if you haven’t already started then do it now . We need to be healthy more so now than ever before!”




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