New Delhi, March 30 (IANS) Businessman Robert Vadra on Monday shared his routine during the coronavirus lockdown, saying he is utilising his time in exercising and helping out in the house in every way possible.

In a Facebook post, Vadra said the “house arrest” is surely a method to avoid the spread of the virus, but it sure is a time to introspect and find things “to keep yourself busy, and your mind stimulated”.

The country has been under an unprecedented lockdown for 21 days from March 23 midnight due to Coronavirus.

Vadra, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s husband, also said he is amazed with the few remaining staff from the quarters in the house.

He said they have reckoned to the fact that this is going to be a long time being indoors, and are helping in all kinds of household chores including cleanliness – outdoors and indoors.

“That to me shows the true character of a person, not saying this is not my job. With the driver sweeping, the outdoors and gardening. Security people, keeping with hygiene, are cleaning their entire compounds and removing leaves, etc and making tea for all the staff on duty,” he said.

On his own routine, the businessman said he is exercising twice daily.

“I am still miticulous with my exercise routines, twice daily. Running or cycling in the morning, and my calisthenics (own body weight) exercises in the evenings, finding ways to hang from trees and ledges, replicating closest to the gym, TRX too.”

Vadra said he is also helping out in the house in every way possible.

“Still pushing all at home to channelise their energy, with workouts, walks and reading, less or almost no TV.”

He said one must find ways to help out, as the remaining staff must be overworked.

“Sanitise, wash hands, mask when needed, and stay fit. Smile thats what we want being contagious.”




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