Tuesday, July 16, 2024

‘Loneliness is an integral part of every society,’ says Sheeba Chaddha

Actress Sheeba Chaddha, who is receiving a lot of positive response to her work in ‘Bebaak’ and is awaiting the release of her next film ‘The Last Envelope’, feels that loneliness is an integral part of the society.

‘The Last Envelope’ showcases an unconventional and a hard-hitting story of a middle-aged couple who find comfort in a stranger by asking him to act as their late son.

Opening up on the concept of loneliness, the actress said: “Loneliness is an integral part of every society. I don’t agree with the idea that people, from way back when families used to stick together in joint families, wouldn’t feel lonely.”

She further mentioned that a person can feel lonely even in the presence of a huge crowd, and this situation is our reality, especially after the post-pandemic era.

“I think the way people used to connect socially happens less often today. There has been a phenomenal change after the pandemic. Loneliness alone is a very significant reality of our society, and there is something we can buy for all our requirements like entertainment, health, etc. This is also one of the same, as it helps with our mental health. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with outsourcing the concept of our film,” she added.

‘The Last Envelope’ drops on October 12 on JioCinema as part of the JioCinema Film Festival.



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