Look after yourself, it’s like God himself looking after you: Selvaraghavan


Director Selvaraghavan, who is known for sharing lessons he’s learnt from life with his followers on social media, on Tuesday said that the most deplorable thing a person could do was crib about having nobody to look after him or her.

Taking to Twitter, the ace director, who has delivered several critically acclaimed hits, said that in life, the most deplorable thing is to crib about not having anybody to look after oneself.

“Why should somebody look after you? That is like being a patient in a hospital,” the director, who is also the elder brother of actor Dhanush, said and urged individuals to take care of themselves.

“Look after yourself. That is like God himself looking after you,” he wrote.

His advice has received wholehearted appreciation from Twitteratti with over 10,000 people loving the tweet.



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