Lorraine Kelly trolled for sharing her Covid vaccine video

TV personality Lorraine Kelly says she was severely trolled after she spoke about getting vaccinated for Covid-19.

During a discussion with Dr Hilary Jones on her ITV show, Kelly spoke about how it was not painful. “I got it. It’s just so quick and so easy. I felt my arm was a teeny teeny bit sore but that was it,” she said, reported femalefirst.co.uk.

She even put up a video of her getting the shot. However, Kelly says she was made the subject of brutal trolling right after. “The reason we put stuff online is to encourage people to have the vaccine. I couldn’t believe the comments I got. There’s some seriously stupid people out there,” she said.

She added: “There’s people who have obviously got concerns and I get them completely but there’s different to having concerns and people saying to me ‘you are going to die’ because I got had the vaccine. I mean, come on.”