Lorraine Kelly wants to host late night version of her show

TV personality Lorraine Kelly says she wants to host a late night version of her show, where she would invite experts.

Kelly is currently hosting her self-titled morning show and says she would like to call the late night version “Lorraine: Unleashed!”.

“I would love to do a late-night version of my show with the same experts, such as Dr Hilary. Some of the chats we have when the adverts are on are hilarious and unbroadcastable. We’d call it ‘Lorraine: Unleashed!” she says, according to a femalefirst.co.uk report.

“I’ve been incredibly lucky to be cushioned from any type of ‘ism’, including sexism. The only difficulty I had was when I was taking a few months off after having Rosie and I was told that my breakfast TV contract wasn’t going to be renewed.I was devastated and had to try and get a new job when she was just four months old. Luckily, a baby food manufacturer wanted to sponsor a twice-weekly slot, but only if I presented it. Eventually, that turned into the daily show. I felt so lucky,” she adds.