Loser generally goes to court, not winner, says Paras

Lok Janshakti Party MP Pashupati Kumar Paras, who has orchestrated a coup to dethrone his nephew Chirag Paswan as party chief, on Wednesday said that gamblers, who lose the battle, generally go to court, not the winners.

His response came to a request for comment on Chirag Paswan’s move to fight a legal battle in court to take control of the party.

Paras currently has support of five (including him) out of six LJP MPs and has been recognised as its leader in the Lok Sabha.

“During the 2019 parliamentary election, I was the one who spearheaded the campaign and achieved unbelievable success. We won 6 out of 6 seats in Bihar and our vote percentage was highest compared to other political parties in the country,” Paras said.

“Despite that Chirag, who was not the party President then, had removed me from the post of LJP state President. Chirag was the President of the Parliamentary Board then and took the post of state President from me illegally,” he alleged, noting that this was the actual reason that differences arose between him and his nephew.

“During the Bihar Assembly election 2020, we were wanting to contest the poll as part of the NDA, similar to the parliamentary election. Chirag objected to it and decided to go alone in the Bihar assembly election and the result came just 1 seat. The party has reached the stage of disappearance politically. The party workers and leaders are angry over his decisions,” Paras added.