Losing in kilos or losing in inches – which is better?

When you think about tackling weight loss there is always the constant doubt on what your focus should be – should it be losing some kilos (pounds) or should the focus be on the inches you lose across the body, specifically waist, arms and thighs.

A nutritionist weighed in on this and cleared up the age-old doubt. She said that when you lose weight in pounds or kilos it could mean that you lost fat, or it could be muscle weight loss or even loss of water weight. Lesser number on the weighing scale could mean any of these things.

But when you lose inches in the body and see a drop in size across your body, it is an indication that you have lost pure fat.

The nutritionist further adds that losing fat is always more useful and beneficial than simply losing weight, so it is better to focus on that.

The important thing to remember that the weight on a scale is just a number and it is dependant on several factors that can cause it to fluctuate even through the day. Weight on the scale depends on when you last ate, what you ate, for women – when their menstrual cycle is, weight can increase or decrease depending on what you’re wearing when you weigh yourself. It also depends on whether you are bloated or not.

It is therefore important to not chase numbers on a scale. Sometimes when working out and eating right, the weighing scale may not show any difference.

Or worse, sometimes after working out hard, you might find that you have actually gained a kilo or two and for someone targeting weight loss this can be very disheartening.

But before you lose motivation, the right approach to weight loss and fitness is not just to look at the weighing scale but to also measure your body and its dimensions.

Before starting a workout and diet regimen, weigh as well as measure yourself. Just like how you get on a scale (weekly perhaps) to check progress, check your body measurements too, so you can track if there has been any loss in inches in the body. Losing inches means that whatever you are doing is working effectively for your body.



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