‘Love School’ redefines concept of love for millennials

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Bogmallo (Goa), May 2 (IANS) The picturesque background of the sun, sand and sea in Goa serves as the perfect romantic location to find and get counselled for love in the third season of MTV “Love School”, which sets out to redefine the concept for young couples.

The show will not just comprise of five couples but also 10 single individuals in the third season. Popular VJ Anusha Dandekar and television actor Karan Kundra will be seen as “love professors” and will guide couples during their stint.

Has the concept of love changed for youth?

“The concept for love for our grandparents is different… The time has changed now, the world has evolved now and has become a much smaller place. People are now more aware of themselves and have more freedom now. The definition of love has changed… The essence of love will always be there.

“Boyfriends will always get jealous and girlfriends will always be the way they are. So yes, the essence of love will always be the same,” Karan told IANS here.

Anusha, who has been in a relationship with Karan for three years, says the concept of love amongst the millennials exists, but they have a different understanding of it now.

“What our parents and grandparents thought love was, today is very different. Love is not just about getting married and have babies. There’s compromise and sacrifice… Love has become an entire understanding now! It’s an equality thing, it’s very new and even though it can happen very quickly but does it last as long because of how fast our lives are moving,” Anusha told IANS here.

On the third season, Karan said: “There’s a big difference. It’s a bigger show now… Everytime you do something, next time you need to do it better… This time they have really killed it when it comes to the scale.”

How different is the new season?

“We have got singles this time… A lot of drama is happening. It’s a completely pumped out version of season two,” he added.

Anusha says the twist in MTV “Love School” is the entry of singles along with the couples.

“The biggest twist is that we have singles this time. People forget that not just in a relationship you are learning about a relationship but also that when you are single, you want to learn about how to find a relationship, leave your baggage behind and learn how to grow… You grow In each relationship,” Anusha added.



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