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LS security breach: Kharge seeks Shah’s statement, Goyal accuses Cong of playing politics

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge on Wednesday highlighted the major security lapse in Lok Sabha and also demanded a statement by Home Minister Amit Shah in both the Houses.

While speaking in the Rajya Sabha, Kharge raised the issue of security lapse in Lok Sabha and said, “The security breach that took place in Parliament today is a very serious matter. We demand that the Home Minister should come to both the Houses and give a statement on this.”

He said that this is not the issue of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the question is how two people despite a major security arrangement they breached the security.

He was intervened by Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar.

Dhankhar said, “”The moment I came to know about it, I called the Director of Security. I told him to give him an update. The update which he gave me at the point of time, I have shared with the House. It is a matter of concern but let us await details and then we will be able to reflect…”

Dhankhar also said that he indicated the members the moment he got the update that two intruders have been arrested. “Let us give some time,” Dhankhar said.

To this, an agitated Kharge said, “Here the lives are being lost and you are asking to give time. They sprayed gas, and earlier also similar thing has happened. We have celebrated the martyr’s day today to remember the death of our security personnel.”

Meanwhile, Dhankhar said that nothing will go on record.

Kharge then posted his remarks on the X with the video and also demanded for a thorough investigation.

Kharge also said that sufficient information did not come and the Lok Sabha was adjourned. He also demanded that the Rajya Sabha be adjourned and the Home Minister should give a statement.

Meanwhile, Leader of the House Piyush Goyal hit back at Kharge and accused the Congress of politicising the issue.

Goyal said, “I think Rajya Sabha is the House of Elders. We should give a message that this country is strength is above all this. House proceedings should continue…I think Congress is politicising it and this is not a good message for the country…”

“I feel that the inquiry is going on and the House should keep on functioning,” Goyal said.



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