LS Speaker to meet presiding officers of legislative bodies


Lok Sabha Speaker and Chairperson of All India Presiding Officers’s Conference (AIPOC) Om Birla on Tuesday will chair a meeting with the presiding officers of legislative bodies in India.

It would be a virtual meeting in which the working of the legislative bodies in India will be discussed, Lok Sabha Secretariat informed on Monday.

The meeting will start at 3 p.m. in Extension of Parliament House Annexe (EPHA) here inside Parliament House premises.

It is learnt that the meeting will review the steps decided in a two-day All India Presiding Officers’ Conference held on November 25 and 26 last year. In the meeting, Birla had informed that the Presiding Officers took a pledge to strengthen the democratic institutions so that they can work together for the welfare of our society and democracy.

The Presiding Officers in the meet had expressed their views on how to strengthen the democracy and make the institutions more accountable. They had also taken a decision to honour the Best State Legislature, to be nominated by a committee to be formed for this purpose of studying the works of various state legislatures and then taking a decision on it.

The Presiding Officers then also decided to inform the people of this country about the fundamental rights and duties stated in Indian Constitution, and it was affirmed that the Parliament and the state legislatures will work jointly for this purpose.

Speaking on the concluding session of the event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi then said that “our efforts should be directed towards making common people understand our Constitution better”.