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Lucknow Clock Tower anti-CAA protest completes one month

Lucknow, Feb 17 (IANS) The anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest at the Clock Tower in Lucknow completed one month on Monday.

The women protesters vowed to continue their protest against the CAA until the central government decides to withdraw the controversial law.

“It has been one month but time has only strengthened our resolve to fight against CAA. We are prepared to continue with our protest for as long as is needed,” said Asmat Bano, 73, who has been a part of the protest since December 17.

She further said, “The government has tried every trick to make us move away. They stole our blankets, took away food packets of our children and did not allow us to put up a tent during the harsh winter season but they have failed to break our spirit. Now that winter is going and the temperatures are rising every day, they are not allowing us to even put up umbrellas over our heads,” she alleged.

Roohi, a student who is also a part of the anti-CAA protest, said that she had been booked in multiple FIRs, her scooty had been given a ‘challan’ thrice for ‘wrong parking’ and yet she was determined to continue with the protest.

“We will make sure that they (government) give up. This is a fight for our rights, our future,” she added.

The protesters admit that after a month, it is easier for them to continue their protests because modalities have fallen in place.

“Our families have adjusted to our routine. We are all taking turns to sit on protest and the time table is working perfectly. Even the food supply is more organized even on days when there is no one to send us food, we manage between ourselves,” said Shamim, a working woman, who stays at the protest site at night.




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